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LG NanoCell Review |A Detailed Overview of All the Features and Benefits

NanoCell refers to a type of display technology by the LG brand. Whether you want to buy your first TV set or upgrade, we do hope that our LG NanoCell review with be of great help.

The NanoCell technology comprises the mid-range and upper-entry levels of LCD displays. The TVs don't come with OLED panels (see NanoCell and OLED comparison).

The NanoCell display technology is popular among users as it offers wide viewing angles, outstanding color, powerful processors, and other features that enable you to connect to your smart home. If you are looking forward to an immersive experience as you watch sports, football, or play video games, NanoCell is suitable for you.

So how does LG NanoCell Technology work? Should you consider buying one?

Is Nano Technology Effective? 

The LG NanoCell technology comes with a filter layer that helps to absorb particular light wavelengths. The aim is to enhance the color depth by purifying the color output to achieve a great picture.

You can look at how LG's NanoCell technology works by thinking about paint. Can you have pure red paint if there are hints of other colors in the mixture? In the same way, LG TVs seek to offer the best picture quality by removing all the impurities.

LG Nanocell TV with a couch

NanoCell TVs and other LCD TVs paint their images using tiny bits of red, green, and blue light at varying intensities. Although filtering colors using the technology seems like getting rid of color, it results in the best color depth. The wavelengths that would dull the red, blue, and green pixels are eliminated.

Simply put, due to the innovative NanoCell technology, most LG NanoCell TVs come with tons of benefits, including:

Magic Remote

The technology enables you to use the voice-activated remote that lets you search for your favorite program, change channels, search for nearby restaurants, and launch smart TV apps using your voice.

Alexa-enabled Remote 

The awesome TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to use other Alexa devices to give commands to your TV and vice versa. Thus, you can put on the tv using the voice control feature by speaking to Alexa. You can also speak to your remote control to dial the thermostat.

You can control the TV and other smart devices using the Google Assistant feature.

Local Dimming 

Local dimming refers to a method LED TVs use to enhance the contrast ratio when you watch dark scenes by dimming backlight zones. This ensures that blacks appear darker than they are without the local dimming feature. This helps to improve the TV's picture quality.

The local dimming feature is also vital when watching HDR content as it makes it possible to brighten highlights simultaneously.

A TV with the local dimming feature is most evident when watching content in a dark room. You may not notice it when watching content in bright rooms as the screen glare already makes the blacks appear deeper. The feature causes the local dimming zones that you can notice on your TV screen.

LG NanoCell Local Dimming with a moon

Nano Accuracy

NanoCell panel technology TVs ensure you enjoy superior picture quality to marvel at each scene even when watching HDR movies. It also offers wide viewing angles ensuring everyone enjoys watching the best quality content and clear picture irrespective of their sitting position (see NanoCell and UHD review, too).

Nano Color 

LG's NanoCell comes with 4K HDR support and one billion display colors that turn your watching sessions into an unforgettable experience.

LG's WebOS

The LG's WebOS feature and proprietary navigation enable you to switch premium content from popular apps, streaming services, and internet browsers.

Dolby Atmos Audio

The Dolby Atmos audio ensures you enjoy the best quality audio and helps you to create a movie-like experience at home.

LG NanoCell Smart Features 

LG TVs come with various smart features that enhance their functionality and picture quality. Such features include:

Apps and Features 

LG offers all the apps that you'd want to have on a smart TV. Some essentials such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Video are installed on the device by default. You can also have the Apple TV streaming service that will help you stream your favorite shows and movies.

Watching Netflix

Remote App

Most LG TVs come with a remote app known as the LG TV Plus, which is compatible with LG NanoCell smart TVs. The app allows you to change inputs or launch apps directly without using the navigation app to navigate the on-screen menu.

Voice Control 

The LG TV remote comes with a voice control. It comes with a microphone button that is at the center of the remote. Once you press the button, you prompt the search interface. It helps search for content as it is capable of going through most of the apps. However, the voice control doesn't offer in-depth control of the settings like you'd find in Samsung TVs.

Among the tasks you can carry out using voice control include launching apps, changing inputs, basic online searches, etc.

LG NanoCell TV with a red, gree, purple background


The webOS platform comes with the most visually attractive interface. It is also intuitive and comes with beautiful animations. It also comes with incredible features and smooth functionality. It stands out due to its snappy and fast response, ensuring you don't have to wait for anything. The smart hub also comes complete with different widgets.

LG Channels

LG channels powered by Pluto TV and Xumo combine digital internet channels with your cable television lineup. You can enjoy over-the-air and premium channels to have the best watching experience.

The LG channels enable you to stream over 190 free IP channels, including sports, comedy, breaking news, movie, and TV.

Is NanoCell Worth It?

Determining whether LG NanoCell TV is the right choice for you depends on how you intend to use it. Some of the scenarios you can use the LG NanoCell TV include:

Using the Gaming Mode 

LG company ensured that the NanoCell TV was future-proof, choosing HDMI 2.1 as the standard port. This enables an incredible variable refresh rate (VRR) and higher frame rates that make games run smoothly.

Additionally, the 4K HDR game support ensures you get the most accurate color expression and detailed images that make your gaming experience lifelike. The Dolby Atmos ensures the best sound quality for the best experience.

The gaming experience is also enhanced by the fast response times and low input lag that ensure better responses between the controller and on-screen actions. Therefore, you can enjoy the best gaming experience without worrying whether your TV can keep up with the fast-paced gaming.

LG NanoCell sky background

Movie Lovers 

LG NanoCell TV features a 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution that is optimized for watching HDR content. As such, you can enjoy the best movie-watching experience with the LG TV. The incredible color enhancements help to enhance your cinema experience.

Additionally, in partnership with Dolby, the brand built the Dolby Atmos and the Dolby Vision, ensuring you enjoy the best visual and audio experience.

Smart Home Families

The NanoCell TVs come with tons of smart features that help connect your home and customize your TV watching experience to your family's needs. It features a webOS program that enables you to navigate various streaming apps and content such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Additionally, the Alpha 7 Gen 2 processor helps enhance the picture quality depending on the content you are watching. It can also help to upgrade low-resolution content to better quality.

The NanoCell TV also comes with other features like Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, and LG ThinQ AI. These features make it more effortless and straightforward to connect your home. It is also compatible with other smart appliances in your home, such as thermostats, lights, locks, and washer/dryer units.

Therefore, the TV acts as the connectivity center for your family.

Local dimming is used in most higher-end LCD TVs (including NanoCell and QLED, which are still LCDs). It’s where different sections of the backlight can be operated independently, making parts of the panel brighter than others to lower the back floor and improve contrast.

LG Nanocell TV in a black room

Is Nano Better Than Samsung QLED?

Samsung QLEDs use quantum dots crystals to emit light when you feed it with UV light. The QLED TVs also use a quantum dot layer that helps to enhance their color performance.

Samsung QLED TVs offer better picture quality compared to LG TVs. This can be attributed to their use of VA panels, which offer a better contrast ratio than the IPS panel used by LG TVs.

The Samsung TVs are also a bit cheaper than the LG TVs. The app allows quick access to the TV's controls.

Is Nano a Better Option Than OLED?

OLED outperforms NanoCell in various aspects. It offers a better gaming experience, enhanced image quality, darker blacks, brighter whites, and reduced power consumption.

On the other hand, NanoCell is the cheaper option, and it performs better in brighter rooms.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to get a high-quality and dependable TV, the LG NanoCell TV is an excellent choice. Besides the attractive visual looks, the LG TV offers you incredible features that ensure you enjoy the best watching experience. The features also enhance the TV's versatility allowing you to use it for various functions such as gaming, streaming movies and live shows, etc. With the 4K resolution, you can expect the best quality images. The fast refresh rate and response time ensure there is no delay as you watch.

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