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Lenovo Thinkvision m14 Review | A Versatile, Portable Full HD Monitor

When it comes to online shopping, few brands can boast a balance of quality and value quite like Lenovo. Their laptops, desktops, computer monitors, and accessories are known worldwide for their great features.

This Lenovo Thinkvision m14 review is going to tell you what I think about the computer display after testing it out for over a month.

Lenovo Thinkvision m14 monitor

Lenovo Portable Monitor Thinkvision M14 Specifications

Screen Size

14 inches


Full HD 1920x1080

Panel Type


Eye Care Technologies

Low Blue Light

Refresh Rate

60 Hz

Response Time




Connection Ports

USB type C port, 2xUSB, DisplayPort

Thinkvision m14 Great Visuals

When Lenovo first announced its first portable monitor, the ThinkVision M14 monitor, my curiosity was piqued and I was interested in testing it.

A company such as Lenovo needs no introduction to most of us in the tech industry. It has been around for several years now and gained popularity by manufacturing some of the best portable monitors. The Lenovo Thinkvision m14 monitor is one good product that you may want to consider if you are searching for a portable monitor with great visuals.

It comes with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution to ensure that you get vivid and clear images. This can be ideal for those who do a lot of gaming, watching movies, heavy reading, or writing on the computer, as the screen provides enhanced clarity.
Thinkvision m14 with red lanterns

It is a Portable Monitor

It weighs about 1.3 pounds, which makes it lighter than other portable monitors on the market today, plus it is only about an inch thick, so you can easily fit it into your briefcase or backpack without having to worry about it taking up too much room. If you're looking for a new monitor, but don't want one that will make your bag too heavy, then I recommend this one.

It is Multi-Purpose Monitor 

The Thinkvision m14 portable monitor is a very useful tool that can be used in different ways. It is multi-purpose and can be used for watching movies, work, and even has a built-in microphone that makes it easier to have video calls that are crisp and clear.

For Business

Taking part in conferences is easier with a larger monitor like this. You can see everyone clearly and hear every word, plus be able to create charts, edit photos or run other multimedia features that would be much harder on smaller screens.

For Gaming

The monitor does not have a very high refresh rate compared to some other monitors available in the market today, but this should not be a problem unless you are planning to use this device for hardcore gaming purposes.

It Features an IPS Panel

This portable display features an ISP panel, so your image is bright, vivid, and can be viewed from any angle.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle refers to the way a screen looks when viewed from different angles. IPS panels offer wide viewing angles than TN (twisted nematic) or VA (vertical alignment) panels, which means you will be able to view this screen from virtually any angle without losing color or contrast.

Color Reproduction

This IPS display provides excellent color reproduction, a must for graphics designers and those who enjoy gaming or watching movies on their computers.

Response Time

While all monitors have a response time to control how quickly pixels change colors, IPS panels typically offer faster response times than other technologies. They also eliminate motion blur, which improves video-watching and gaming experiences.

The back side of Thinkvision m14

One USB C Port

Lenovo has included several features in this portable monitor to make it an ideal choice for those who are looking for display solutions for multiple purposes. The first feature is the USB C port that allows you to charge your mobile devices as well as transfer data between your computer and mobile device.

This USB type C port also enables you to connect an external hard drive or flash drive to the monitor so you can access all of your files easily. The monitor comes with a USB type C cable to plug into your devices’ USB C ports hence no buying cable for this connection.

There is also an audio port that lets you connect external speakers - see also monitors with speakers - if you want to hear the sound directly through the monitor rather than your computer's speakers. Other connection ports include DisplayPort but no HDMI port.

Its Design 

The first thing you'll notice when you take the Lenovo Thinkvision m14 out of its box is its design. The stand with the monitor attached can easily be picked up and moved around without any hassle. The monitor features a glossy black bezel and stand, but there is also the option to purchase a matte black bezel if you prefer that look.

There is a VESA mount on the back of the display so if you want to hang it on your wall that's also an option.

The stand itself also pivots left and right to allow you to get the best viewing angle possible, which makes for a nice added touch. The screen has a thin frame around it making it look sleek.

It is worth noting that the screen itself is not touch-sensitive, but there is an on-screen menu on the bottom of the display that lets you control brightness, contrast, color, and other settings using Lenovo software.

Lenovo Thinkvision portable monitor

Is Lenovo’s Portable Thinkvision Monitor Good?

I used the ThinkVision M14 for some time, and I must say that I was impressed with its performance. Not only it is a beautiful full HD display but has a slim design. It is easy to carry and comes with a variety of connections such as USB type c ports so that you can be sure it will work with your device.

Image Quality is Great

It has a 1080p resolution, which makes everything on the screen clear and crisp, from photos and videos to games. Whether you're traveling or working from home, this portable screen will provide you with a great viewing experience thanks to its high-resolution screen.

This IPS display provides extra screen real estate or is your second screen if your laptop’s display is not enough.

It is Compact and Lightweight

The design of this PC display is very sleek and slim. The machine weighs just 1.3 pounds, which makes it extremely portable. It can be carried out anywhere, you can even carry it in your backpack, or briefcase without any difficulty.

Does ThinkVision M14 have a Battery?

Thinkvision M14 does not have a battery, so you will need to plug it in power in order to use it.

Does ThinkVision M14 have a Touch Screen?

ThinkVision M14 does not have any touchscreen functionality. This means you cannot use your fingers to tap and interact with what's on the screen.

Lenovo thinkingvision with a fire as a background

How do I connect my ThinkVision M14?

The Lenovo Thinkvision m14 is a monitor that you can connect to your Lenovo PC or tablet.


  1. First make sure that your monitor is on. Insert its power cable into an electrical outlet. The power button is located at the bottom of your screen. Press and hold this button for 1 second until you see the power light turn on, indicating that your monitor is on.
  2. Plug one end of a DisplayPort port on your computer and the other end into the DisplayPort port on your monitor and you will have a connection if you will be using a DisplayPort.

My Thoughts

Overall, the Thinkvision M14 is a good choice for those looking for a compact monitor to use on the road or at the office. It is an affordable monitor and it has enough ports to connect various devices via DisplayPort or USB.

Still, if you are looking for a portable monitor that will help you save some space on your desk or in your backpack, then Thinkvision M14 is worth considering.


  • There are DisplayPort, USB C ports, USB cable, USB type-A ports on this monitor. This allows for multiple connection options for your devices such as Nintendo Switch, laptop’s USB C port, MacBook Pro, etc.
  • Whether you're reading PDF files or watching movies, everything is clear and crisp, thanks to its high resolution
  • One of the things that you will notice about the Lenovo Thinkvision M14 is that it is very lightweight. It only weighs 1.3 pounds, so you can take it anywhere you go without having to carry around a heavy monitor all day.
  • The In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology makes this monitor ideal for viewing from all sides as it provides a 178-degree viewing angle, which will make it easy for you to share your screen in a conference room or when working with a client.
  • The Lenovo M14 is a good choice if you want to reduce eye strain from working long hours at the display. The monitor includes both blue light reduction software and an eye comfort mode that adjusts the amount of red, blue, and green light emitted by the monitor based on ambient lighting conditions.


  • This is not a touch screen monitor.
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