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How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen | To Make it Look as Good as New

Obviously, a common concern facing every laptop owner is how to clean a matte laptop screen. As simple as it might sound, the job needs to be handled with care and delicacy.

But no worries, in today’s guide, we will reveal to you the key to restoring the polished and shiny look of your matte screen. What are you waiting for? Let’s check it out!

What Is a Matte Laptop Screen?

Before discovering how to keep the matte screen clean, let’s have full comprehension of this kind of display.

Screened devices play a pivotal role in our modern daily lives in terms of communication, work, leisure, to name but a few.

Unquestionably, Today’s market has witnessed a huge boom in the number of such devices. They vary from shape to size, not only perform their functions but these tools also protect users’ sight.

It is how the matte finish monitor was born.

Comparison Between Matte And Glossy Monitor

On the one hand, the glossy display delivers vivid colour with high saturation, contrast, and hue, which reflects every image and detail of the broadcast content.

If you enter the electric household showroom, you will be quickly mesmerised by glossy monitors with the sharp, bright, and colourful images.

two laptop models

However, in places with much sunlight, it is the reflection and high contrast that stop viewers from seeing the whole screen, especially the colour of black and white.

The matte finish screen is a kind of display that comes with an anti-glare coating. For what? It is to prevent reflections.

Therefore, the vividness of the matte monitor is quite different. There is an advantage of this screen type, nevertheless, is that the matte finish is better for use in bright places, such as outside and the halls with much fluorescent light overhead than its glossy counterpart.

So, Which Kind Of Laptop Monitor Should We Choose?

A laptop gives us convenience in use as we can bring it anywhere. It is also one of the reasons why it is worth considering which kind of display – for example, if you need a high quality 4K laptop or not.

The display has a significant influence on our laptop using, especially for those who resort to the laptop for working or studying purposes. The effects include the screen colour, the laptop’s impacts on their sightseeing, and where they usually use it. Also, consider size. We have reviews on different sizes:

This article is on the matte finish screen, so we recommend this screen type if you are one in five cases as below:

  • You usually use the laptop outside.
  • You prefer the bright fluorescent-lighted space for work or study.
  • You are concerned about sight.
  • You are willing to pay more to have a better quality. The anti-glare coat is the additional part of the formerly glossy monitor, which means that when you opt for the matte, you need to pay a little more.

How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen – Types of Screens

Given that people are more and more reliant on electronic devices for their daily routine, regardless of any career, society position, children or adult, the latest released gadgets are usually equipped with matte screens.

11.6-inch Screen – Chromebook

Novel technology has been upgrading the devices’ quality, proven by the appearance of Chromebooks, almost of which small devices come with the anti-glare screen.

There are five matte-displayed Chromebooks that we highly recommend to you, in the low to high price order:

13.3 and 14-inch Screen

Female users usually go into laptops with the 13.3-inch screen or 14-inch screen for their lightweight characteristics that make these laptops easy to carry outdoor.

Some matte-monitored recommended here include (in low to high price order):

13.3-inch Screen

  • HP Chromebook 14 G4,
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 720S,
  • Dell XPS 13, the matte display version
  • Dell XPS 9350,
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13.

14-inch Screen

  • Dell Latitude E6420,
  • HP EliteBook (8460P),
  • HP EliteBook 840 G1,
  • Dell Inspiron 3493,
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the 6th Generation.

15-inch Screen

Recommendations on 15-inch laptops whose price stems from the least to the most expensive are:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad,
  • Dell Inspiron 3567,
  • Samsung Note 5,
  • Dell G5587,
  • MSI GS65 Stealth Thin.

17-inch Screen

17.3-inch is the largest size of a laptop screen and usually equipped with ample storage. Here come several notable laptops with the matte 17.3-inch screen listed in ascending order:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 330,
  • MSI GF75 Thin 9RCX,
  • Dell G3 G3779,
  • HP OMEN 17-an120nr,
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P73.

Why Is It Necessary to Know How to Clean the Matte Laptop Screen?

When you use the laptop for any purposes, your fingers, materials, a glass of distilled water, or anything on the desk can touch the screen and leave dirt smears. In case the energetic children are around the working space, it’s best to learn how to clean the screen properly.

All the fingerprints and spots sticking to the screen for a long time should be taken care of to preserve the screen perfect state.

To the least leverage, those dirty parts make your devices older than usual, so cleaning will be sure to bring back the brand new look for your computer. Imagine having a meeting with your client or business partner with that laptop.

Furthermore, in some cases, small blemishes can have a great impact on the screened content. For example, when you are reading text materials, the spot can be taken as a dot mark, or sometimes hide some of the displayed symbols in the monitor.

Moreover, dirty laptop surfaces can cause users to contract some infectious diseases. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere, which means that gadgets’ screens are not the exception.

Accordingly, every surface can be the source of disease. For instance, as you may know, the lifespan of a coronavirus on the screen of electronic devices can be three days.

Therefore, keeping the screen clean and bright is necessary and required to be on an as regular basis as possible.

How to Clean the Matte Laptop Screen in the Right Way?

right and wrong cleaning

There may be a trick on the matte laptop that is anti-glare and reflection preventive, hence it is harder to recognise the gunk on the matte display compared to the glossy one.

We are sure you should feel lucky when specks of dust on the screen are usually invisible.

However, it will be for the best to keep it clean.

This article will cover some friendly and effective methods, as well as useful products to cleanse the matte finish laptop screen.

Methods to Clean Matte the Laptop Screen

Some Notes When Cleansing The Screen

  • Number one: Bear in mind to turn off your computer entirely and wait until the screen is cool.
  • Number two: Be gentle and cautious during the cleansing process.

The liquid crystal display of modern devices is quite sensitive to any external interaction; thus, a crisp screen mildly wiped with care can prevent unexpected problems to the laptop.

Three Ways To Cleanse The Screen, According To Three Levels Of Dirtiness

  • Level one: Use a Micro cloth

The micro cloth is the most common object for screen and camera lens cleansing. The small soft piece of fabric can quickly sweep out all pecks of dust at one time. Moreover, the micro cloth is so smooth that it won’t leave any streaks or scratches on the surface.

Remember to wipe the screen slightly in one direction only, vertical or horizontal; otherwise, the circle direction can leave the gunk onto the display surface.

  • Level two: Use a Sponge

If there is grime on the screen, resort to a wet sponge to handle it.

Before you start, squeeze the sponge until there is no dribbling distilled water on its surface. For a better result, you should brush the sponge in one area of the whole screen only.

  • Level three: Use cleansing products

When the monitor is spotted with sticky blots that the above methods don’t work, some cleansing solutions can help.

Almost all kinds of screen cleansers are contained in spraying bottles.

The cleansing procedure with a specialized solution should follow three the steps below:

  • Step one: Spray the liquid to a micro cloth. Given that the liquid contains alcohol, you should not spray it directly onto the screen surface.
  • Step two: Commence with the most affected area. It can take you several times to rub around this part on the screen, but it certainly works.
  • Step three: Slightly wipe the cloth on the whole screen.

Which Products Can Be Used to Clean the Matte Laptop Screen?

The most popular cleanser for matte laptop screens is the EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner, which comes with a complete set including the liquid and the fibre. The solvent is extracted from natural ingredients, which can work without any harms to your skin.

cleaning equipment

The next recommendation is the VSGO VK-6020, a set delivering a bottle of cleanser and an elegant brusher. You can easily find it in any shopping mall, both online and offline.

Why Distilled Water Is Important

Do you have to use only distilled water? Yes, if you want to keep your matte monitor clean and protected.

When all minerals and contaminants are entirely removed from water, it is said to be distilled. The water is pure, therefore it will dissolve completely without leaving any residue. Because of this, distilled water, as opposed to water from your faucet, won't leave any streaks.

Distilled water also won't damage your screen. It lacks the minerals necessary to perform that.

Why add alcohol to the base cleansing process? The distilled water has nothing to do with it. Alcohol is present to eliminate any nearby bacteria.

The Bottom Line

Matte finish laptop screens bring many advantages to the users, but the mere matte display helps dust and gunks become more invisible on the screen. Therefore, laptop users should know how to clean a matte laptop screen in the right way so that their laptop always has a good-as-new look and remains its elegance all the time.


1. Is matte laptop screen better?

Yes, a matte laptop screen is better. As monitors become brighter, matte materials remain unchanged, allowing more light to pass through the anti-glare coating. Simply said, matte monitor image quality continues getting better. Most of the time, it would be difficult to identify the difference.

2. Why do gaming laptops have matte screens?

Matte displays are fantastic for gaming since they put less strain on your eyes. The lack of glare is largely to blame. Due to the same feature, these screens also work well in most lighting conditions.

3. Is matte screen good for eyes?

Yes, matte screen is good for eyes, because you don't have to subject your eyes to glare and uncomfortable reflections. Furthermore, you shouldn't be afraid to touch the screen because matte panels don't attract fingerprints as easily as glossy ones do. As a result, matte becomes the superior choice for monitors.

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