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Avast Vs Comodo: Which Antivirus is Better For You (Last Updated 2021)

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Who do you think will win this head-to-head antivirus battle? Is it Avast or Comodo? Our specialized or skilled staff have done wide-ranging research for your convenience so that you could find the best option for the ultimate protection of your device from different types of sophisticated digital attacks.

Almost everything is done on the computer these days. While there are distinct advantages (particularly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic) your privacy, online identity, and your private information are also becoming vulnerable because a little loophole can put your entire system at risk and you won’t even know what happened.

But, gone are the days when protecting your sensitive data used to be rocket science. With always improving technology, it has become easier to safeguard our personal information and stay one step ahead of hackers. Despite this, you’re going to want to make a smart or informed decision for deciding on the best-fit antivirus on the market for you.

Increasing Malware Attacks

chart of estimated damages from randomware

According to research done in 2018, cybersecurity companies recorded more than 10 billion virus attacks – that’s a huge number. In the US alone, the additional security of more than 8 million operating systems was compromised. It is expected this number will go even higher and higher in the future.

Because of this, even a tiny mistake in this digital world can lead to a gigantic disaster if your private data or accounts is compromised. So, we’re left with only one option – i.e. a one-of-its-kind and top-of-the-line antivirus program that will manipulate all of the digital threats from penetrating into your system to save you hours of headache, stress, and potentially thousands of dollars.

There are many high-end suites offered by software companies that are quite different in terms of the advanced features presented in the software. We’ll be going over some major aspects that you should be looking at when picking up the best antivirus. That’s why we have developed this easy-to-understand guide  – so that you could decide between Avast and Comodo easily.

But don’t go with a freemium software because it cannot be compared with a premium antivirus software because a premium (first-class) antivirus brings top-notch features (like firewall, VPN, cloud storage, etc.) to the table, whereas, a freemium offers only the barebones which are not enough for a next-level security for the safety of your highly sensitive information.

Important Reminder – is there really a best?

Since the Internet is overcrowded with a huge number of antivirus programs and their packages that are poles apart from each other in terms of features, it’s not easy to get your head around the “Best” antivirus, but there’s no need to worry as we’ve already done the research for your handiness.

We’ve reviewed and rated hundreds of antivirus and security suites. Here are more comparisons about the featured options in this article:

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

Avast Versus Comodo: A Short Antivirus Comparison

If you’re pressed for time – i.e. you don’t have much time, you can just pay attention to the short verdict we’ve declared for you in this section.

To reach the short outcome, we’ve relied on the independent labs test scores conducted by AV-test and AV-comparatives for an unbiased review or comparison. You should also check out our full Comodo antivirus review.

Let’s see how each software performs in each category as follows:


Undoubtedly, “Features” is the first thing a customer pays attention to while looking out for the purchase of the best-fit antivirus or just for the sake of knowing it.

In this category, the Avast offers turned out to be a “prime candidate” in this competition, surpassing Comodo in the first place.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Antivirus Protection

Diving into a little deeper, the problem that most of us face is the malware attacks or spyware or viruses. Therefore, while picking up the best antivirus, being mindful of the “Malware Defense” is strongly recommended because it’s a must-have feature in every anti-virus program.

In this classification, again Avast has been ahead of Comodo.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

System Performance

While you’re measuring the performance of antivirus with regard to its offering in the malware protection area, you can’t just neglect the system performance that is impacted when the software is run either on the background or foreground.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo


Can you easily navigate through the antivirus you’ve just purchased if it doesn’t offer a good user-friendliness? We’re afraid that you won’t be able to get to know the menu or the software or the steps taken to perform a specific task.

Having conducted the independent tests, the results that we saw were quite surprising since both of the software offered an easy-to-use UI.

Winner: Tie

Avast Internet Security logo
comodo antivirus logo


Do you have to pay more than you actually need? Believe us, you don’t have to do that when you can get the high-end packages at a reasonable price.

And, Avast again amazes us since it’s more reasonably priced than Comodo.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Customer Satisfaction

Having been to many websites that conduct reviews and ratings making it easier for the interested people to know more about a particular product or service, we concluded that the Avast outshines Comodo in this area too.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Short Verdict!

As you can see clearly that Avast has won many rounds in this head-to-head comparison. Furthermore, it comes packed with more security-enhancing features and therefore surpasses Comodo. Also, people are not much aware of Comodo as they are familiar with Avast for it puts less impact on the system performance while running in the foreground or background.

Avast or Comodo: A Thorough Comparison

We’ve compared both software i.e. Avast and Comodo on the basis of their category briefly above, now is the moment to consider the wide-ranging comparison so that we could cover what we missed in the short review above.

First things first. The best to pick up one between two is to compare all the features in the first place and that’s what we going to do in the upcoming segment of this page.

Which Anti-virus Program Brings More Features To The Table?

What catches the eye of a customer in the beginning? What do you think it is? For a lot of people, it’s the awesome features.

Let’s get started with Avast:

Avast’s Antivirus Suites

Avast All Suites and package options

Avast’s Free Antivirus:

Avast free antivirus is a great choice for those who are looking forward to being accustomed to the basics of the antivirus. It is the company’s limited edition that comes with limited features, but it won’t ask you to upgrade it to a paid plan because it is not a trial edition.

Since it is freemium, you won’t find the premium features in this suite, but it does offer better protection from attacks like malware attacks. The UI is intuitive and offers a simple-to-use interaction to the user, allowing you to reach the destination page in next to no time. The free edition can be downloaded and utilized on Windows, Android, and Mac. How good is Avast for Windows OS? - is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. A lot of customers also ask - Can you rely on Avast if you have a Mac PC? 

In the free version edition, you can protect your Wi-Fi connection and secure your passwords by locking them in your password vault and use with just a single click. Avast has one of the best free options, with more extra features than other free ones (most don’t protect your internet connection or help secure our passwords).

Free Edition

Avast Web Security:

Speaking of the “Internet Security”, you can block the attackers via the robust Firewall and put an end to the spam and phishing sites and phishing emails that are getting together in your Email inbox. Apart from protecting your device from malware, this suite also features “Protection from ransomware” which has been newly added to this package.

It comes with a next-level edition, having more features added to it. For example, you can run suspicious apps without any worry, stop the attacks from spying on your webcam. Over and above, you will get automatic updates.

You may also see this suite by another name – “Premium Security” depending on where you live.

Buy Now

Avast Ultimate (Premier):

The “Ultimate” or “Premier” is a full-fledge suite that doesn’t miss any feature and, therefore, gives you complete peace of mind. With this package, you can re-route all of your web traffic using the “VPN” service. This option will also keep an eye on your account data with the help of “Password Premium” that will keep you informed every time your password is leaked.

Remove junk files and make your system faster than you could ever imagine. On top of that, you could now browse the Internet safely with the help of a VPN and get access to the geo-restricted websites in next to no time. And, if you’re not satisfied with the services offered in the suite with 30 days (from the date of subscription), you can always step back and get your money back.

Buy Now

Avast Security for Mac:

What if you’re not a Windows user? In that case, what you might be interested in purchasing the license of Avast antivirus for Mac system (if you’re a Mac user).

You will come across two types of Mac-specific antivirus: Free and Pro version. All that free edition offers is the fundamentals which may not be sufficient for you to stop a high-level attack or some of the newer vulnerabilities. And, that’s when you need to consider the paid plan which would add an extra few perks.

Buy Now

Comodo’s Antivirus Suites

comodo package options

Now, let’s pay attention to what Comodo offering brings to the table in terms of features:

Comodo Antivirus 30-day Free Trial:

This is a trial version, meaning you’ll only get a portion of the complete protection, but still, it is better than having nothing at all. This presents a Comodo Firewall that will keep you updated all the time on all of the suspicious threats. You will get automatic updates for the definition that will keep your software updated all the time from newly-born viruses or malware. Not just that, be it viruses, worms, Trojans, or other types of PC invaders, you will be highly secured from all these. Furthermore, there is a 24/7/365 premium customer support for your convenience.

Comodo’s Advanced Antivirus:

It’s an entry-level antivirus brought to you by the company – Comodo. This has been designed with the requirements of PC users in mind. The suite offers next-level real time protection even from the most sophisticated malware or ransomware attacks. There’s a new feature added to this suite known as “Game Mode” that lets you get rid of the notifications while you are playing your favorite game against the opponent. There’s more to this package than just meets the eye – take a look at the exceptional services that come bundled with the package.

Comodo’s Internet Security Pro:

Everything that has been introduced in the advanced package has already been included in this suite. If your will is to have a premium plan that is capable of helping you stay one ahead of the emerging threats, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized access. You will get a virus-free warranty – your PC (with a Comodo advanced antivirus installed on it) cannot get infected with a virus and if it does and can’t be stored to the previous state by our remote support staff, they will cover the cost of repair up to $500. Stay in the safe zone while doing online banking transactions. This suite uses “Auto Sandbox Technology” and keeps you one step ahead of attackers by providing top-notch protection from all types of malware.

Comodo Internet Security Complete:

Comodo Internet Security complete package Comodo’s Best Antivirus Plan that makes it possible for you to get a 50 GB online storage for your important files and documents. Backup and restoring has been made easy with this plan. It’s has been labeled as the company’s full-grown antivirus package. It includes all of the features of the previously-mentioned package i.e. “Comodo Internet Security Pro”. The “Trustconnect™” is a feature that helps you encrypt the data transmitted over the wireless and wired network connection up to 10GB every month.

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

BitDefender vs Comodo

Which Anti-virus Program offers better Malware Protection?

While features are the top priority, you cannot neglect “Malware Protection” as this is the very reason that people look for in cybersecurity and malware protection.

But how to differentiate between Comodo and Avast to finally decide the best-fit antivirus in terms of better malware protection?

Well, we’ve got you covered there too – we’ve taken the tests conducted by AV-test and AV-comparatives into consideration to decide on the perfect-fit program for the ultimate protection of your PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

This works based on the score awarded to each antivirus based on their performance (on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the best and 1 being the worst rating).

Let’s see the evaluation so that you could easily make up your mind for the final purchase:

Avast’s Malware Protection:

avast protection

Comodo’s Malware Protection:

comodo protection

Winner: Avast

Avast Internet Security logo

Which Antivirus puts Minimal Impact on System Performance?

There’s malware protection and then there’s system performance. You don’t want to buy an antivirus that slows the performance of your device, do you? This is what you need to pay heed to while selecting your antivirus.

We evaluated the run performance of both antiviruses and determined which software would be better for you. Again, we relied on the Av-test and AV-comparative test results in this category and the result was surprising. Avast turned out to be getting ahead of the Comodo in this head-to-head comparison.

See more below:

Avast’s System Performance:

Avast performance in charts

Comodo’s System Performance:

comodo performance chart

Winner: Avast, by a large margin

Avast Internet Security logo

Which Antivirus is more User-friendly?

User-friendliness also plays a significant role in the overall selection of antivirus because if a program is not user-friendly (i.e. easy to use and understand), it can be difficult to use and may have the user subconsciously steer away from using it.

This is important because if an antivirus is not used, you won’t be able to navigate through the menu or other functions as easily as you should. Good software should be easy to use. For example, many programs have the menu grouped to the left-hand side because we have a tendency to go to the left side in search of the menu.

Let’s take a look at the user interface offered by both of the antivirus software:

Avast’s UI:

Avast user interface showing icons

Comodo’s UI:

Comodo User Interface Home Screen

Winner: Avast (not by much)

Avast Internet Security logo

Which Antivirus Software is Less Expensive?

You don’t want to invest in highly costly antivirus software, do you? We know you don’t want to, and we’d neither if we were you. That’s because expensive software will definitely bring top-notch features to the table, but if you don’t need those special features, it’s not paying for the highly expensive suite.

Therefore, it’s not just the price that you need to pay heed to but the features as well. Furthermore, this evaluation needs to be done on the basis of suites (packages) in accordance with your needs. The suites are designed for individual, family, and business requirements. So, first, understand why you want to purchase the antivirus package.

Now, let’s take a look at the price range (or pricing model) offered by each of the company:

Avast’s Pricing Model:

Avast Antivirus SuitesPrices
Avast Pro AntivirusLatest Price
Avast Internet SecurityLatest Price
Avast PremierLatest Price
Avast UltimateLatest Price
Avast Security for MacLatest Price
Avast Business ProductsLatest Range

Comodo’s Pricing Model:

Advanced Antivirus$34.99 per year
Internet Security Pro$34.99 per year
Internet Security Complete$89.99 per year
Business ProductsSee Full Range

Whose Customers are more satisfied?

Whether it’s Avast or Comodo, you want to make sure that you’ll get the satisfaction out of the product or service you are paying for i.e. antivirus, in this case.

While using the software, we all face technical issues (problem) whether it’s regarding fast malware detection or removal of the same. So, to get the final upshot, we considered the feedbacks of the valid customers left on the BBB a.k.a. Better Business Bureau, a popular website that rate the websites by collecting reviews and ratings of the customers.

On BBB, Avast gets an A+ and Comodo could only manage a mediocre D-. Therefore, the winning antivirus is “Avast” again.

Winner: Avast by a landslide. Comodo really neds to pick up from that D-

Avast Internet Security logo

Avast Vs Comodo: Final Thoughts!

By a fair margin, Comodo could not surpass Avast in terms of next-level security features, ultimate protection from digital threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, etc., one-of-its-kind performance, and highly appreciated customer satisfaction.

Our recommendation: McAfee

From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day. Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee. With McAfee it has protection on all sorts of devices ranging from phones to even cars! It’s extensive product line-up has protected over 18.9 billion devices to this day. We are sure that you will come across a package that is perfect for you, to check out their line-up, click here!


1. Is Comodo better than Avast?

Comodo is a well-known and reliable security software company. However, its security software could not surpass that of Avast. Avast is one of the most popular free antivirus programs and has been around for over 20 years. It is known for its strong protection against malware and viruses.

2. Is Comodo Antivirus any good?

Yes, it is a good antivirus. But because Comodo is not a widely used antivirus suite, test results for it are few and far between. But according to AV-Test, an independent antivirus testing organization, Comodo's premium security suite performs admirably against real-world malware.

3. Is Comodo a Chinese company?

No. Melih Abdulhayolu founded the company in 1998 in the United Kingdom. In 2004, the company relocated to the United States. Comodo products are primarily geared toward computer and network security.

4. Is free Avast good enough?

Generally speaking, yes. Avast's antivirus software protects your computer. However, it does not protect against ransomware.

5. Is Avast dangerous?

Avast is completely safe and will not harm your device. Avast is an antivirus program that is available for average user of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is a widely used tool that is well-known for safeguarding your computer against harmful viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats. Yes, Avast is safe 99 times out of 100 when used properly.

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