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13.3-Inch Elecrow Portable Monitor Review | A Great Display for Gaming & Photo or Video Editing

Seeking a portable monitor compatible with most HDMI/HDMI devices? Consider Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor. It is compatible with Raspberry pi, MacBook Air, PS4, PS3, industrial equipment, laptops, XBOX360, medical equipment monitors, etc.

It also has support for multiple platforms including Windows, Android, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi.

With this portable monitor, you can enjoy your games on a big screen, edit photos, work on your presentations, etc. In this 13.3-Inch Elecrow Portable Monitor Review, I will share my experiences of using it, discuss its features, pros, and cons.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor with nature

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor Specifications

Screen Size

13.3 Inches



Panel Type




Refresh Rate

60 Hz

Response Rate

5 MS

In-built Speakers


Connection ports


It Is Compatible with Most Mini HDMI/HDMI Input Devices

Elecrow is an international company that provides a variety of tablets, small laptops, computer peripherals as well as smart devices that can be used in your daily life.

Elecrow Portable Monitor is not only designed for Raspberry Pi users but can be used for industrial equipment, medical equipment monitors, car audio and video, PS3, PS4,PS5 car headrest, Xbox, and even a camera.

You can use it as a main monitor or second portable monitor for your devices that have an HDMI port. In addition, its USB ports make it easy to add peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse.

It can be used as a work monitor or for entertainment needs, allowing you to run multiple applications simultaneously and giving you an enlarged view of your workspace.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor conectivity options

Provides a Large Screen Real Estate for your Devices

Have you ever been annoyed by the small Raspberry Pi display when you are playing games? Even though the display itself is high-definition, it has a small screen.

Elecrow presents this brand new Raspberry Pi Display Portable Monitor that allows you to use its big screen instead of the tiny Raspberry Pi HD Display.

A larger monitor provides a better viewing experience. It is easier to watch movies, play games, or do any other task on a large screen. The bigger the screen the better it is. You can also see more things at one glance and this makes it easier to multitask.

Elecrow 13.3-inch portable also provides two built-in speakers which make it very convenient to watch videos on this display without connecting external speakers.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor with text

It is a Portable Gaming Monitor

The Elecrow portable monitor features a slim design which makes it easy to carry around when you are on the go. 

This Best Portable Monitor Offers Convenience

Unlike a bulky computer monitor, a 13.3-inch portable monitor is small and light enough to carry around with you anywhere you go. It weighs 1.41 lbs. only.

It will provide the same high quality and performance as the larger computer monitor, but much easier to transport.

By using it, you can enjoy a flexible working environment that is not limited to your office desk. You'll be able to work from any place where there is an outlet available for power.

You can use it for Gaming

When testing it, I was able to connect to my PS4 and play games very well. This is a great monitor for gaming and watching movies.

You can use this portable monitor with your Xbox, PS3, PS4, desktop computer, Nintendo Switch, and other gaming consoles using the HDMI cable that comes with it. This will give you the flexibility to use it wherever you have an available outlet.

This portable gaming monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate which is pretty good for watching movies; however, it could have been better at 75 Hz and above. The response time is 5ms which gives you great image quality without ghosting and blurring.

 It has a high-resolution screen which makes it great for watching movies or playing games on your PC, Xbox or PS4. The screen itself is LED backlit which provides good image quality when you are gaming or watching movies. It's one of those screens that you can use outside in the sun without having to squint too much because of its brightness.

USB and HDMI Ports

The Elecrow 13.3-inch portable monitor is a convenient companion for your gaming and mobile devices as it comes with two video outputs, HDMI and USB, which not only enables you to connect it to your computer and use it as a second screen but also allows you to plug in your smartphone or tablet to view videos, games and other content of your choice more conveniently.

Comes with an HDMI Cable

A cable like this is essential for connecting the latest generation of HD devices to your 13.3-inch portable monitor.

This is a superior digital audio/video cable capable of carrying high-resolution video and signals.  You will also get a micro HDMI adapter with this display.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor cables

Elecrow 13.3 inch Portable USB Port

This display comes with a USB port that you can use on a daily basis to transfer data, run programs and charge your phones. It has become so important that many computers don't have a CD/DVD drive anymore because they've been replaced by a USB port. It is worth noting that this display does not come with VGA input ports or USB C cable and port.

A Wide Viewing Angle & Higher Contrast Ratio

Adopting the latest technology of the IPS panel provides a wider viewing angle and a more vivid color display. Its good contrast ratio enhances the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white to provide you with a more realistic picture.

The wide-angle (see also ultra-wide monitors) and high contrast ratio of the monitor makes it a perfect fit for graphic designers, gamers, photo editing, and other multimedia applications. IPS technology allows users to view the screen at virtually any angle without losing color or contrast quality.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor  front

Has Good Image Quality

When you are looking for the best portable monitor, you want to choose something that is going to give you the best viewing experience. That is why it is always important to check the resolution of a monitor.

This lightest monitor has a resolution of 1920X1080 for beautiful images. With this full HD resolution, you'll be able to see things much more clearly and also notice things that you might have otherwise missed.

Also, with higher resolution, you get to see more colors because there are more pixels for the monitor to use in displaying the image. This is an important consideration if you are using graphics software or simply viewing photos or artwork.

It comes With Built in Speakers

This 13.3 inches LCD portable monitor is designed with two built-in speakers for decent sound quality. The speakers inside the monitor produce stereo sound, and they are perfect for your music, audiobooks, and games.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Portable Monitor back

My Thoughts

This computer display is great for projects where you will be moving around from place to place and need something that can easily be transported from one location to another. The size of this monitor makes it easy to travel with and its full HD resolution is great too hence won’t be difficult to read text on the screen when using it on a plane or at a distance.

 This would definitely make an excellent traveling companion if you are looking for something more lightweight than your average laptop or desktop computer monitor but still want something larger than your average smartphone or tablet screen size. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a portable monitor 


  • It has a good refresh rate of 60hz which helps eliminate any possible flicker during gameplay
  • It’s ultra-lightweight, and flexible, making it easy to work with and carry around. Whether you are a student in school or a gamer or a business person, you will love Elecrow 13.3-inch portable monitor due to its compact design.
  • It has an IPS panel, so the viewing angle is better than most other portable monitors.
  • The image quality is impressive, considering its price. The colors are very vivid, and even the blacks look great. You can enjoy a perfect image regardless of whether you use the monitor for travelling or daily work use.
  • It comes with a built-in stereo speaker to enjoy your music, videos, and games with a big sound.
  • The Elecrow 13.3-inch monitor is great for using with a Raspberry Pi, but it can be used with any computer that supports HDMI output
  • The Elecrow portable monitor is easy to use and set up, just plug it into an HDMI port on your device and you're ready to go.


  • Some users may find the 13.3-inch Elecrow portable monitor bezels pretty thick.
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